Saturday, February 11, 2017

Roach farm

I was very busy over the past few weeks and I had a lot of schoolwork to do. I have setup a roach colony along with attempted to breed my ghost mantids and got quite some new arrivals. One of them were the discoid roaches. I am planning on showing all of the new things within the next week or two.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

US Fish and Wildlife service endangered species reviews

Please read this over, this involves five species that if put on Appendix I, means that captive populations are now closed, much like the (red knee tarantulas) and some other species. This means that this species will be a lot more expensive along with it being a lot more harder to obtain.

Please be formal about this. This is a bureaucracy and a republic (USA). We need more people to raise the bar.

Mega Update part 1

I have, in terms, for Christmas and the new year, have obtained a myriad of creatures from ovogram and a friend of mines, Kiet. Kiet has gifted me two baby vinegaroons. On ovogram, I am getting an assortment of ovas and millipedes. I also upgraded my shelving unit, so I now have two units of 36 inches by 18 inches by 36 inches (Alera shelving units from Costco). I was surprised that it supported the 20 gallon aquarium. Along with a new orchid plant. Now the orchid plant is used to put mantids and other invertebrates so that they are photographed for purposes. The other mantids have molted successfully to sub-adults.

Some bumblebee millipedes

 Now with ovogram, how it works is it works by giving and receiving, kind of like an exchange of livestock for resources. Within these resources, there is iron, which is bountiful. But bronze, silver and gold, in which I have gotten quite some ovas and some millipedes. As of culturing them, one of them died sadly due to the vigors of shipping. Otherwise, they are doing very well.
Mantids, the male has deceased sadly
 With my ghost mantids, the male has died, leaving me to find the female, or to sell her.
Part of a new setup
 The setup that I have built involved moving a lot of things around the room. Once done, it gave a lot of room for the setups and allowed for a unity of a lot of the specimens so that they are all in one place. The unit can support up to 1,250 lbs each shelf. I personally sat on it and it didn't even move.
A scorpion (fat tail scorpion) that I pinned
 The scorpion was obtained and I am preserving it as of now. It has attracted fruit flies and I had to freeze it so that the scorpion is sterilized.
Some beetle larvae
 The larvae has grown a large size ever since the purchase of the species. I have put them in together, and surprisingly, they have coexisted as a sexed pair.

Vinegaroon nymphs
Finally, for Christmas and New years, I have obtained a few vinegaroons from Kiet, as he sent it as a gratitude gift. Housing will come soon. I am also obtaining budwing mantids from Tyler. I got one for free as a replacement for the several that died on arrival and the bad quality of a seller.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Finals done and new rennovations

I have, done my finals for the semester. Now for that, I am going to start to save up for funds for use for mantids and supplies. Another thing is that I have, in the three acromantis japonica enclosures, put in bamboo sticks and cocofiber for the final molting stages. At first I was initially scared that the mantids will molt too low to the ground, but they molted pretty well. Another thing is that with the male ghost mantis, he doesn't seem to be molting despite my preparations. I might have to wait for this. Another thing is that I am trying to see if I am able to build an aquaponics system. The rhino beetles are doing well, but I am getting substrate in from Taiwan, but it is going to take up to two months.

Janie feeding off of a superworm
 With the female phyllocrania paradoxa, it has been a pain as she hasn't laid an ooth yet. I am hoping the male molts soon so I can mate them both. Also, I really do hope she is not oothbound.
One of my assassin bugs died, so I decided to pin him
 For the assassin bugs, I decided to upgrade there enclosure to a small kritter keeper. For that, I added coconut fiber, along with a coconut hut and a branch for them. The assassin bugs seem to hang out near the branch, probably due to it having more variations in where they can wait rather than the coconut fiber hut.
New enclosure for the assassin bugs

Pholicide spider I found a few days ago

My attempt to raise Triops
 I have decided that I will try to raise triops. As I did raise them back in 7th grade, but the electrical lamp shorted out and caused a fire. So I decided to try again.
Rhino beetle larvae 

My insect collection (without labels)
I have also finally finished the pinned insect collection. It looks really fantastic with all of the insects I have acquired along with my techniques actually being pretty good.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Arizona vinegaroon and Helix aspersa

As I went in and cleaned all my enclosures, I decided to check on my M giganteus. Turns out that it has survived pretty well despite me forgetting to mist the enclosure at certain times. I find this species my first arachnid that I purchased a few months back. I peeked into it's burrow and it is hibernating and is really gravid. Also, I do plan on getting a few helix aspersa (from US sellers) and having those. They are the largest vinegaroon in the world, and they come right from Arizona.

mastigoproctus giganteus sling

Vinegaroon is in the top
For the enclosure, I chose a herphaven large breeder tank, and I used a divider so I can have two in total in the near future. In the top of the photo above the sentence, the one with the cave and the stone is where the first vinegaroon currently resides. The second tank, I used some of the old cocofiber for a helix aspersa snail tank.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Update on bugs/mantids

I have just obtained a pair of beetle larvae along with the rest of my assassin bugs molting to adulthood. My japonica have lagged in growing, but one of the males molted. As of now, I am investigating sources for mantid ooths. Also, I have been considering adding the orchid mantis and the indian flower mantis to the collection, along with expanding from a 20 gallon aquarium to a 40 gallon breeder tank. 



Female adult paradoxa "Jamie or Janie"

Beetle larvae in it's container

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Assassin bug molt and phyllocrania paradoxa molt

Today and yesterday, I decided to go and see my mantids and assassins, and to my surprise, one of them molted, becoming an adult female, so now there are two males and one female. She was a nice red color, which in time, will darken to a black and orange color. My paradoxa male molted too. At first I thought that he was supposed to be an adult, but he has a little bit more time left before he is. Now I have an adult female, and my needs are to heat the male's enclosure so I can have a breeding pair.

Platymeris mombo adult female

Phyllocrania paradoxa sub-adult ghost mantis (Jill)

Yung, my Japonica mantis, eating a cricket that is almost his size.
Now with my japonicas, I have managed to sex them and that it turns out that I have one female and two males. This is advantageous as I have two males in case one gets eaten. However, now I seem to only have one female where if she dies, then I am almost unable to breed.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Acromantis japonica sexing and potential new comers

For the insect hobby, it might be of recognition soon that there may be Japanese rhino beetles, Giant Malaysian shield mantids or another insect coming in. As in the japonica, I did manage to sex them.

The female named Joan

Jin, the male

I don't know, but I am getting the two male names mixed up
As for why I was gone, I did go to the NFL Diversity camp for school. Sadly there was no insects, but there was maple leaves in which I can use for the beetles, roaches and millipedes I might obtain. There might also be a few tarantulas coming in.
I did make a visit to petco and petsmart and found that petco was selling tarantulas in a small plastic container. These containers are in reality only good for arboreal tarantulas, and not for terrestrials. At petsmart, there was a bug habitat kit from zoomed, I'll investigate into that.

Petsmart Bugarium

Tarantulas in a plastic container