Saturday, October 29, 2016

Acromantis Japonica

One of my mantids has molted, from the deli container enclosure wall and it surprisingly molted without any complications. Investigating this, I realized that it is due to the mantis having tarsi (feet, akin to a gecko in function), which allow the mantis to climb the plastic deli container walls. It was able to molt from the wall due to it being a small species, which enable it to climb the wall.
Acromantis japonica nymph (L4-6?)
The assassin bugs are feeding on the crickets I got from pet-smart, which they eagerly feed on. They have an eagerness to take on prey much bigger than themselves, but they will overwhelm smaller prey very easily. They are an ambush predator, much like the praying mantis. Once they capture there prey, they use their proboscis to stab the prey and inject venom to paralyze the prey, and then they inject digestive juices to turn the prey into a smoothie to drink up the prey. The ghost mantis was fed three smaller crickets (acheta domesticus).

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