Saturday, November 26, 2016

Acromantis japonica sexing and potential new comers

For the insect hobby, it might be of recognition soon that there may be Japanese rhino beetles, Giant Malaysian shield mantids or another insect coming in. As in the japonica, I did manage to sex them.

The female named Joan

Jin, the male

I don't know, but I am getting the two male names mixed up
As for why I was gone, I did go to the NFL Diversity camp for school. Sadly there was no insects, but there was maple leaves in which I can use for the beetles, roaches and millipedes I might obtain. There might also be a few tarantulas coming in.
I did make a visit to petco and petsmart and found that petco was selling tarantulas in a small plastic container. These containers are in reality only good for arboreal tarantulas, and not for terrestrials. At petsmart, there was a bug habitat kit from zoomed, I'll investigate into that.

Petsmart Bugarium

Tarantulas in a plastic container

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