Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Assassin bug molt and phyllocrania paradoxa molt

Today and yesterday, I decided to go and see my mantids and assassins, and to my surprise, one of them molted, becoming an adult female, so now there are two males and one female. She was a nice red color, which in time, will darken to a black and orange color. My paradoxa male molted too. At first I thought that he was supposed to be an adult, but he has a little bit more time left before he is. Now I have an adult female, and my needs are to heat the male's enclosure so I can have a breeding pair.

Platymeris mombo adult female

Phyllocrania paradoxa sub-adult ghost mantis (Jill)

Yung, my Japonica mantis, eating a cricket that is almost his size.
Now with my japonicas, I have managed to sex them and that it turns out that I have one female and two males. This is advantageous as I have two males in case one gets eaten. However, now I seem to only have one female where if she dies, then I am almost unable to breed.

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