Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Heat, humidity and upgrading the way I raise insects

Today, since it is November in Phoenix, I tended to notice that the mantids (as well as any other insect or arachnid) will slowly start to hibernate or even stop molting for a while. For this is due to my temperatures in Phoenix, which are mild (compared to places like Seattle or even Springfield). This does not really harm any mantis species unless it gets down to maybe 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5-10 degrees Celsius). Now with tropical intermediate to advanced species (like Idolomantis diabolica) there is a need for heat as they are tropical. For ooths, from what I observed, they typically are needed to be in an incubator.

One of my plans is to build an incubator so that way I can incubate the oothecaes and ovas of insects. That way, I can easily control the temperature along with make hatching come a little bit quicker. I will also have to find a way to be able to heat up multiple enclosures without taxing the electricity bill (as I have a 20 gallon aquarium with a heater, lights and a filter). As of now, my only enclosures are a few kritter keeper cages (two small, two minis, and two mediums) along with a few deli containers (32 ounces) and poly fabric lids. Now for the mantids that I plan to keep in the future, I will need to develop a way of organizing my mantids. This will involve me getting a new shelving unit (36 inches long or 91.5 cm). I also realized that I only have 4 outlets, which will make things a little bit more complicated. Now with that in mind I also want to start to keep giant beetles or tarantulas. Along with orchid mantids and double shields. So that is what will be occurring in the near future.

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