Saturday, December 10, 2016

Arizona vinegaroon and Helix aspersa

As I went in and cleaned all my enclosures, I decided to check on my M giganteus. Turns out that it has survived pretty well despite me forgetting to mist the enclosure at certain times. I find this species my first arachnid that I purchased a few months back. I peeked into it's burrow and it is hibernating and is really gravid. Also, I do plan on getting a few helix aspersa (from US sellers) and having those. They are the largest vinegaroon in the world, and they come right from Arizona.

mastigoproctus giganteus sling

Vinegaroon is in the top
For the enclosure, I chose a herphaven large breeder tank, and I used a divider so I can have two in total in the near future. In the top of the photo above the sentence, the one with the cave and the stone is where the first vinegaroon currently resides. The second tank, I used some of the old cocofiber for a helix aspersa snail tank.

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