About me

This is Kevin, the owner of mantids. I am in high school. As of now, my collection is increasing further and further.

I am on these following websites under the same user name:

  • Wrongplanet  
  • Mantidforum 
  • Beetleforum 
  • Roachforum (coming soon) 
  • Arachnoboards 
  • Youtube 
  • Instagram 
  • Steam 
  • Minecraft Username 

So far, I am in the IB program and am on my way of applying for scholarships and doing well in school. I am Vietnamese and 15. With a passion for entomology, aquariums, engineering, the arts, pop culture, PC gaming and other stuff.

Email: kevin314025@hotmail.com
(Note, this is not my Paypal email as I am not of 18 years yet) \

Please refer to the FAQ for any commonly asked inquiry.

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