Hi there all! This is Kevin, the operator of this website. Now this is the first post so I am still trying to get this up and running. Now with the websites purpose, it's meant to show people about entomology as well as mantis (and exotic invertebrate) hobby. Now as of now my collection has expanded and contracted within these past years (as I am a 15 year old as of this writing, hear me out on this) but I have now, after a little more than a year, I decided to monitor and write up about this post.

Some specimens that I have as of now: 

Phyllocrania paradoxa: 
Dead leaf mantis eating roach

Same as above, but from a different view point.  
Double shield on hand

Some ground mantids I caught

Black widow I have and that recently captured a cricket

The name kientomantids is broken down into the following:
ki which is an attempted incorporation of the japanese rhino beetle name in Japanese; this also represents the first letter of my first name. Ento is short for entomology, one of the main topics of the website, and mantids, which represent my favorite insect, along with the first invertebrate I kept. Along with that, I have an online store which showcases a lot of the invertebrates (live) as well as misc things like mounted specimens and the like.

Logo in 2016

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