FAQ: Frequently asked questions

This is the FAQ. Please refer to this before emailing me as this will save both you and me, the author a lot of time.

  1. How often do I post things?
    1. I post them at least once a week, or sometimes every few days. It depends on how busy I am and sometimes I might not be here for a long time due to obligations happening. 
  2. How come the online store is empty? 
    1. In short terms, mantids (like all animals being raised) need time to be raised and loved before being sold. Sometimes, with certain specimens (like orchid mantids or tarantulas) it will take a long time before there back. I am not in it for the money. I do this mainly to try to make even so I can use it to fund the hobby (supplies, new invertebrates). So if a specimen is not on the store page or is marked with special comments, it means its not available as of now. Now with certain specimens, I would like you to contact me before hand so we can work things out. 
  3. Why are there no stick insects or giant beetles or any of that special stuff on this site? 
    1. As of now, they are illegal to keep (clarify there is a permit, but its for zoos only sadly). I live in the US, so I don't own these specimens and if I ever do own them, I will not be selling unless you are willing to be very careful with them. If I post pictures of those specimens on the site, it is probably because I volunteer at an insect zoo and simply photographed them.  
  4. Why are there scientific names on the captions? 
    1. It is just simply because that's how science does it.  Its a professional thing for scientists to name via latin name as common names could mean many things. 
  5. Will you ever expand the collection? 
    1. Of course I will. Typically it is like a cycle, with specimens, I typically have experience with them, share the info with the web and the forums, and if I like them, I keep them as part of my permanent collection. Any excess spiderlings or nymphs or whatever gets sold off or given away for free (that has strings attached however).  
  6. What off topic items might be posted? 
    1. Life events/travel (but brief and to the point), the aquarium and reptile hobby, projects of all types (mainly scientific), etc. 
  7. Hey Kev, can you provide us with free materials for (Enter convention, event, etc...) 
    1. Depends on what the event your talking about. This stuff is on a case by case basis. Now with bringing in invertebrates and crossing borders, that stuff is still under debate as of now.  
  8. What is the explanation of kientomantids? 
    1. It is ki, which is the beginning and ending letter of kabutomushi, a rhino beetle I like, and am trying to find in the US, Ento is entomology, and mantids is the scientific way of saying mantis.  
  9. Why do you typically not pose selfies with any scorpions, tarantulas, or assassin bugs?  
    1. This is due to there venom, fragility, or there uncertain temperament.  
  10. Do you take any trades? 
    1. Depends on what they are... case by case basis. For that case, you must send in the item first so I can be sure that it is all good before me sending in mines. 
  11. I have noticed that sometimes you seem to post about Aspergers/Autism, any explanation for this? 
    1. I have Aspergers, and I have made peace with it and I am part of the Aspergers/Autism community.  
  12. Sometimes, you post old photos, any explanation for that? 
    1. Simply before I had this website, it was just me hoarding photos of invertebrates. To free up space, I post some old photos.  
  13. Any pictures of you yourself on the site? 
    1. Look to my instagram and other social media for this. I typically don't reveal my face due to privacy and security reasons.  
  14. Are there any tutorials on how to do stuff? 
    1. I will post them up as I would be more than happy to help you out with stuff.  
  15. Any care sheets on (Enter species)?  
    1. Yea, there will be care sheets. In general, for the most part, a lot of the basic stuff involved with caring for invertebrates or reptiles is almost the same basic thing. With the specific species, there is a caresheet. Those will come up as I obtain species and have personal experience with them.
  16. I have questions about my (Enter invertebrate species) or need of identification of this bug I found in the yard. Anything about that? 
    1. I can try and help you with some identification, but with the health part, I will try my best but it is recommended that you go on one of the reference sites listed in home.  
  17. I am an entomologist, USDA official, or a scientist and I hear that you do stuff with entomology, could you help us with (enter request here)? 
    1. Depends on what it is again. You'll have to email me and I'll see what I can do. 
  18. I am worried that my (enter species) might escape. How could I alleviate my fears?  
    1. It depends. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is mainly a concern in the southern states (Florida for sure). In the Northern states, it would be a concern if the species can hibernate over the winter (tropical species easily get killed off by cold). Now if it is a native insect that escaped (from your area) the only concern would be a disease or genetic thing, but even then that really rare.  
    2. Now onto the part with the prevention of escapees. Now I will discuss this in one of my guides later on, but it would be good if the specimen in question has the enclosure door well closed tight. For ova (eggs of stick insects), breeding females, or oothecae, unwanted ones should be put in the freezer for a few days, and then (if possible) incinerated or buried or thrown into a compost bin. This is when the aspect of notreleasing any insects (or anything, for the matter) into the environment comes in hand.  
  19. In your personal opinion, what do you think should be legalized for the insect hobby?  
    1. In my own viewpoint, typically they should use some common sense and do this: 
      1. There should be a list of for sure species of insects, and personally, it should be: Jungle nymphs, a nice amount of the giant beetles, etc. 
      2. And the banned or restricted list is based on each state and is based off of how they breed, what the climate is per state, etc. (Use some common sense in this, how is a giant beetle going to survive a winter or a cold freeze?)
  20. Will you be adding up more FAQ in the meantime? 
    1. That will happen, just wait until more comes along....

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